Raising awareness of basic music theory and harmony concepts

simple music theory learning tools -- no prior musical knowledge necessary!

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free ear training tools harmony learning tools

•   learn simple and practical music theory and how harmony works

•   learn how to recognize chords in the music you hear

•   learn how to know what guitar chords to play

Ear training clips in linear form

Harmony ear training clips

in linear form, as in the above example

Ear training clips in diagram form

Harmony ear training clips

in diagram form

Scale notes ear trainer

Notes of the scale ear trainer

for singers and keyboard players

What you should know

about ear training and learning music theory


What they don't tell you in music class is that there are just a few different harmonies in most music, and you can learn to identify them by number just by their relative sound and feel. Later you can learn what they look like on a music staff.

I hope you enjoy these tools, and let me know what you like or don't like about them.

Paul William Bennett             (info [at] musicawareness.com)